Welcome to SensoryInsights Registration!

This confidential registration is designed to help us invite panelists to studies based on food preferences and/or eating habits. We are often looking for individuals that may either like or dislike various food products to participate on consumer food and beverage studies. We encourage you to register all household members ages 6-65 years of age. Use the same form whether you're registering an adult or child — the questions will change based on the person's age.  Please answer all the questions based on the habits and preferences of the person being registered.

What will SensoryInsights use my information for?

SensoryInsights will use your information to determine the type of consumer studies that you qualify for. Based on your responses, you will be invited to take part in consumer tests. This may involve you evaluating food and/or beverage products by taking online surveys, having group discussions and/or going to a facility to taste or sniff the products.

How do I get involved with SensoryInsights?

It is very easy to become an active member of SensoryInsights. Simply register by completing our online questionnaire — the questions on the form will change depending on whether you're registering an adult or child. After we receive your completed registration, we will contact you via email or phone when we have upcoming research studies that suit your food preferences and habits.

Are you interested in raising money for a group?

SensoryInsights conducts most of its studies with fundraising groups. If you would like to participate in your organization's fundraising activities, you must first register as a New Member.  After you have provided some basic contact information, you will have the opportunity to indicate which group and/or groups you are a member of. 

Already a SensoryInsights Panelist member?  Use the Current Member Update link and you can select additional organizations to participate with.

Benefits of joining SensoryInsights include:

  • chance to voice opinion about food and beverage products of the future
  • great cash incentive for your fundraising organization
  • have fun evaluating new products
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