How do I know if there's a study?

There are three ways to check for studies. We notify the fundraising chairs in our partner organizations about studies that are likely to be well-suited for their members. If you get a call from a club or charity you're involved with, log in and see if you qualify!

Or, you can log in to the MySensoryInsights portal at any time to see what's happening. Studies you are eligible for will be listed in the upper right.

The third way is to wait for us to send you an e-mail when we have a study that we think you might be interested in. When you get the e-mail, login and complete a short screening questionnaire to qualify to participate in the study.

If you qualify, you will be given additional information about the nature of the study, including the type of product, the duration of the test, and how much you will be compensated. You can agree to participate, or you can opt out.

How does the testing work?

When you get a notice about a study, you'll Login to the MySensoryInsights portal. Look for the link on the right side of the page after you've logged in. After you click the link you might be asked a couple more questions, or you might be shown a list of the time slots that are available for you. If you see the time slots, pick one that's convenient, and then choose one of your fundraising organizations that you'll be donating to. We'll send you a reminder the day before your session, and if things change you can log back in and pick a different time, or cancel out of the study.

On the day of the test, come in about 15 minutes before your scheduled time so we can get you signed in. When it's time to test you'll be given some product samples and asked questions about what you think of them. It's that simple!

How much does it pay?

All of our testing is done as fundraising activities for clubs or charitable organizations. The club you choose will recieve between $10 and $50 for your participation. The actual amount depends on the study being done.

How will information about me be used?

The information we ask you is absolutely confidential. It will only be used to determine which testing opportunities will benefit most from your consumer perspective, and which tests you are most likely to qualify for. Information we gather when you participate in a study is provided blindly to the manufacturer whose products you are testing (no personally identifying information is included). There is no marketing or solicitation associated with our studies.