Put the FUN in Fundraising!

Many local charities and clubs earn substantial income from product testing.  It's easy and fun for members and effortless for the organization.

It works like this.  After your club members join our consumer testing panel, they have the option of choosing which organizations from our list of fundraising partners they wish to be affiliated with.  Then, any time they take part in a test they can decide if they wish to make a donation, and which organization they want to donate to.  Whenever your organization is chosen to be the recipient of their donation you'll receive a check from us.    

We'll help in other ways too.  We'll give you periodic reports of who has donated how much so you can thank and reward your members. We'll help you sign up more of your members by providing enrollment kits and by letting you know which of your members have already listed you as one of their charities. As a fundraising partner you can count on us to help you any way we can to make sure you and your members get the most for your efforts!

Enroll your organization

To get started as a fundraising partner, complete the online enrollment form.  We will give you a call to review your information and to discuss how we can help make fundraising most effective for you.  As soon as you're approved, your organization will be available for our panelists to sign up to donate to.